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За положительный отзыв продавец предоставит вам подарочную карту на сумму 47.44 руб.


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Продавец обязуется доставить товар в течение 12 часов с момента оплаты. Если доставка в заявленный срок не осуществится, вы сможете самостоятельно отменить сделку и вернуть денежные средства.

Описание товара


After payment you will receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in the order correspondence.
You will also need to provide your Microsoft account details to login https://login.live.com (email and pass)
You can find the order here https://oplata.info , by clicking on the order, drop it down until you see the chat with the seller. ( https://i.imgur.com/jiGp3fQ.png)

After the purchase, you receive a unique VERIFICATION code, which must be communicated to the seller through personal correspondence, after which you need to provide your account login and password
Average delivery time: from 15 minutes to an hour, maximum up to 3-4 hours, if there is no queue, if you made a purchase at night, activation will be the next day.

Дополнительная информация

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes:
- Live Gold
- Game Pass for Console
- Game Pass for PC

A complete list of games included in the subscription can be viewed at the link:
The library of available games is constantly updated and currently includes 337 games for Xbox One / Series X | S, and 220 games for PC.

Delivery within few hours after providing all data, delays are possible (Microsoft´s servers lags or a long queue. ), but not more than 48 hours or when microsoft will fix their bugs.

We are open starting around 18 PMand ending around 8 AM . However, please note that our opening hours may vary.

We also guarantee that your order will be delivered within a maximum of 48 hours of providing all the required details. Our goal is to ensure maximum comfort for our customers, even with small changes in our working hours.

At your request (if the problem is not on our side, for example, if there are some problems with logging into the account, you do not want to wait, and 48 hours have not yet passed and so on) we can make a refund minus 20% (Commission is 25% - I lose 5%) of the funds received.


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За положительный отзыв продавец предоставит вам подарочную карту на сумму 47.44 руб..
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