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Загружен: 02.05.2020

Описание товара

Free Images Commander software Free Images Commander software Free Images Commander software Free Images Commander software Free Images Commander software Free Images Commander software

Find royalty free and high resolution images in seconds!!

Free Images Commander is a revolutionary software constituted by an image browser and an image viewer.

.: Image Browser features :.
Search on 55 websites at same time
10 online image editors integrated: with or without layers support. Crop, add effects, write on your images, merge images, create collages, etc. without install any software for image editing on your PC
11 miscellanous tools integrated: memes, social media images, favicon, text effects, ecovers, funny images to share to social networks, etc.
Only one directory to download files: you can change it simple selecting another in image viewer
Download support: download images with right click or clicking on normal download button inside every image site.
Check button: select all image sites, unselect all image sites, check only sites without login, check only sites with login
Automatically search images for commercial use: refine the query to search only images copyright-free
Autologin on websites where is mandatory to be logged to download images
Browser functionalities integrated: back, forward, refresh, view html source, open in system browser, page properties
Close Tabs button: close all tabs, close all tabs excluded selected, close all image site tabs, close all image editor tabs, close all miscellanous tools tabs

.: Image Viewer features :.
5 view styles for image viewer: thumbnails, large icons, small icons, list, report
Convert images you select to 7 formats (included Photoshop format): gif, jpg, png, tiff, bmp, wmf, psd
Resize images by pixel (300, 400 or 500 pixels) or by percentage (25, 50 or 75)
Optimized Images: reduce file sizes
Automatically excluded files and folder cannot be converted, resized or optimized
File browser functionalities integrated: copy, paste or delete files and folders, arrange icons, view properties, refresh, new menu
Send images to Wordpress Image Gallery
Unlimited Wordpress sites to add
Shortcut2App technology: integrates any software installed in your system with a simple shortcut
Shortcut2App can run any software without selecting any files
Shortcut2App can open multiple files with software you previously added, simple by selecting them
Unlimited shorcuts can be added with Shortcut2App technology
Command2app technology: integrate scripts or executable to process file you selected
Command2App supports batch script (cmd), Powershell script (ps) or executable
Unlimited scripts or executables can be added with Command2App technology

License is for 1 PC and I´ll send you credentials after your purchase.

It works only on Windows systems.


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