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American Truck Simulator - Utah DLC Steam CD Key

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Загружен: 01.08.2023
Содержимое: текст 17 символов

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Date of the output: November 7, 2019.
The rating dependent on age: 0
Developer: SCS Software
Publisher: IMGN.PRO
Localization: Russian interface
Activation system: Steam
Region: Russia
Attention! American Truck Simulator is required for the launch.
Good to grant into “Beehive State” of Utah. You will visit great Salt Lake City, favored by tourists Moab or historical cities Saint-George and will look, to what extent local architecture and lifestyle are rich. Leave for the places of the output of crude oil in the distant regions far from city noise and delight in by the difficulties, which the transport of crude oil can propose! Completely new approach to the creation of rock and other natural educations. Our library of tools and resources was considerably improved in this respect and proposes better today idea of real references. Expansion of the existing productions due to the new docks of company or loads. You can design for the visit of agricultural stores, dealers of the improved automobiles, new concentrated-feed plant, service center of heavy equipment or number of new storages! Utah is 13th in the value U.S. State, in it live more than 3 million inhabitants. State is the center of transport, education, of information technology, mining industry and large tourist center with its numerous known and beautiful national parks. the key special features: 3,500 miles of the road network
10 big cities (Salt Lake City, Saint-George, Moab)
New quarries and mine, including the largest open-pit mine Kennekott the copper mine
Developed petroleum industry (sections of distributing oil, oil tanks)
Improved production chain of agriculture (rural stores, concentrated-feed plants)
Known sights: The Great Salt Lake, the valley of Monuments, Kanon Verdzhin-River
More than 260 learned natural and artificial sights
12 known stands for the trucks
New and improved process of creating the landscape
Achievements are the Quarter decks, which must be unblocked
(c) 2019 SCS Software. All brand names, trademarks, registered marks, logos, and symbols on vehicles in the game are property of their rightful owners. Used with kind permission.


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